Kingston plaza for sale

Plaza for Sale in Kingston

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Plaza for Sale in Kingston
Plaza for Sale in Kingston

There are no vacant units. The lot is just under 1.5 acres and could be potentially redeveloped into a low rise apartment/condo complex. It is in residential area but only 500 meters from a major shopping supercenter in Kingston. You can see it on Google Maps (street view). Parking fits about 60 cars and it is in good shape. Roof was refreshed on one half 8 years ago.  Asking price is $1,495,000. Frontage 200.56 sf Depth 282.5 sf
80% HVAC newer or new
The building is about 35 years old.
12 units,
Interior all tenants do their own upkeep. Overall all units are in remarkably good shape.
This is a very good building with major commercial/mall area very close by. Also there is a possibility to redevelop and build condos (neighbouring property done similar). Net income approximately $100,000. Inspection report and appraisal report available to qualified buyers.  Call me to discuss more details at 647-892-5007!


  1. Hi Alan, Thank you for inquiring about this property. It is still available to a pre-qualified buyer. The seller will only entertain offers that are not conditional on financing. As such, the seller will require proof of funds before financials details on the property are released. Please contact me in the morning on my cell (see my contact info here in the website) and I will be happy to give you some basic info on the property.

  2. Yes it is still available. Please call me at 647-892-5007 if you would like more information. Thanks

  3. It is located at 832 Development Drive in Kingston ON. Give me a call if you have questions at 647-892-5007. Regards, Marijan

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