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City of Toronto Review

Toronto City Review


City of Toronto Review
City of Toronto Review

Home to over 2 million people, the city of Toronto is one of the largest, and most adored cities in the world. Located along the shore of Lake Ontario, the city is known for its gorgeous views, waterfront, festivals, and the way that it embraces the multi-culturalism within it.


Often mistaken for Canada’s capital, Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and a large part of the most populated area of the country. Industry wise, Toronto offers jobs in pretty much all sectors, and is commonly referred to as, “Hollywood North”. The picturesque city is often used as a backdrop for many of today’s biggest blockbusters. However, Toronto is not simply a place to shoot movies, it has become home to one of the largest film festivals in the world, The Toronto Film Festival. This festival takes place every September, and welcomes some of Hollywood’s hottest stars.


Yet, it is not only the film community that embraces the culture, and character of Toronto. Throughout the year, the city hosts a multitude of festivals and events, including: Toronto Fashion Week; the Ukrainian Festival; The International Festival of Authors that is held yearly down at the Harbor; Nuit Blanche; and The Much Music Video Awards held yearly, every June.


You do not have to wait for the next big festival or event however, to have a great time when in the city. Toronto offers plenty to do day or night, every day of the week. With some of the hottest clubs in North America, and restaurants that are known around the world, there is always something to check out, or try when visiting the city.


Academically, the post-secondary options located throughout the city cannot be matched. Home to several of Canada’s top Universities, colleges, and private schools the city of Toronto has become known as a city that embraces, and really encourages its students. Festivals such as The Ryerson Film Festival; Internships with professional theatres, located in the downtown core; and opportunities to work and network with some of the country’s top media minds, and professionals are offered to students.


With everything that Toronto has to offer, it is no surprise that it is home to over 2 million residents. Real estate wise, the city offers home buyers a multitude of options, from trendy downtown lofts, and condos; to larger family homes in communities just a short subway ride from the city Centre. Price wise housing in Toronto varies a great deal, depending on where it is you are looking to buy. Communities such as Rosedale, and High Park North contain houses that sell for well over $1 million dollars, and are commonly viewed as areas where more high income families, and professionals reside; whereas, neighbourhoods like Don Mills, and The Danforth offer beautiful homes, at a more realistic price point for many younger home buyers. Housing is always developing throughout the city, as crime rates have decreased, and demand continues to increase.


Over the years, the opportunities in the city of Toronto have become extremely clear, making it one of the most sought after locations for both young people, and many of those new to Canada. The city truly embraces the multi-culturalism, and vibrancy of its. Having recently hosting the Pan Am Games, and continuing to welcome events and people from all over the globe, it is clear as to why Toronto is truly the heart of Ontario.