House for sale in Mississauga

House for sale in Mississauga

It is going to be the most common sight over the next few months, as the real estate market enters the spring rush – the House for sale in Mississauga signs, advertisements etc. This year’s maker started early, in fact, started last year. Already in December of 2013, clients were calling me to find them a house for sale in Mississauga. It is a common misconception that the buying and selling a home is all about listing your home in the spring. Although the market is at it’s peak near March, April or May and even as late as June, the truth is the premium time to list is in the early January.


You must understand your average buyer before you can understand why. If you had access to the data and research that I have done over the years, you would understand that it takes a buyer much longer time to go from an idea of buying a home to actually buying a home. On average that time is 3-6 months. The average time a house in Mississauga is much shorter than that and although it varies from year to year and season to season it is still significantly shorter.

What does that mean?

It is simple. If you have a house for sale in Mississauga this spring, for buyers to buy your home in March, they would have started to look anywhere from late in the previous year and as late as January, or February of the current year. The problem is that on average, most sellers list in March, April or May. Given that fewer sellers list in December or January, there are less homes on the market and more buyers looking to buy. By the time the March comes there already are fewer buyers since they have bought a house for sale in Mississauga that was there in December, January or February, and there are a lot more houses for sale in Mississauga in Mach and on the law of supply and demand kicks in and you are now in over supply of homes for sale and in shortage of buyers. Therefore, delaying to list by those 2-3 months has now placed you in a Buyer’s market and consequently in a disadvantageous position when selling your home.

Be an ‘Early Bird’

The moral of the story – If you are planing to list your house for sale in Mississauga or anywhere in the vicinity, given our local real estate trends and statistics, do yourself a favour and list early. List your home when there are more buyers and less sellers. Every little bit helps and statistics and trends tell the true story. If you don’t have those numbers, give me a call at 647-892-5007 and I will be happy to help you sell your house when the market is right and get you a better selling price and terms.

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