Houses for Sale In Mississauga


There are many houses that are for sale in Mississauga every day. The value of real estate in Mississauga is much higher than it used to be. Although the average is in $600,000+ range for a detached house, you can still find houses for sale in Mississauga for much cheaper than that.

Houses for sale in Mississauga for under $500,000 – detached!!!

How possible is that?

Given the rise of house prices over the last few years, you may find it hard to believe that there are any detached houses that still sell for less than $500,000 in Mississauga that are not 500 square foot shoe boxes. In fact you can find very nice detached houses with 3 bedroom, 2+ bathrooms in Mississauga for even less than $450,000. Just a week ago one sold for less than $410,000.


Where can I find Houses for sale in Mississauga for less than $500,000?

If you are looking for a detached houses for sale in Mississauga and you are on an budget, but not looking for junk and you still want a decent real estate to call home, there are a few still left. What makes it even better, some are near a GO train station and HWY 403, 401, and 407. Most of these homes will be in Lisgar area, sometimes in Churchill Meadows area and often in Malton area as well. These homes come and go very fast, so it is best to watch the market every day. Sometimes they sale in an hour after they come on the market. I have a free tool available for you that will email you when they come up. Just call me or email me and I will set it up for you so that you don’t miss that opportunity. Even if you are just looking to buy as an investment or a rental property, these homes are a great value.


If you are looking for a houses for sale in Mississauga and that is your price range, please do not hesitate to call me immediately. We can still get you one of these fantastic homes with incredible value. Remember, these days even town homes go for $500,000 or more so these houses are a real steal. You can contact me on my cell phone at 647-892-5007 or email me through the contact page to get more info on these homes.

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