Buy or Rent a House? The answer is here.

Buy Or Rent?

Should you Buy or Rent? BUY! As soon as you can!

To me the answer of whether you should buy or rent a house is obvious and I have to admit that I am surprised that many people don’t see the advantage. I meet a lot of people who rent houses and most of the time their response to the ” buy or rent ” question is that they think that they either can not qualify for a mortgage, or they think that they can not afford the monthly payment.  Some just don’t want the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. I do realize that there are some other constraints such as health issues or seniors that prefer the convenience of not having to deal with associated responsibilities of ownership of a house but other than that I would have to strongly argue for the buy option.

Top reason why you should buy or rent!

Simple. Every dollar you pay in rent goes towards making your landlord richer and richer. And when you see your landlord going away on expensive vacations with family once or twice or a even few times a year, and drive an expensive car, or when they sell the home you are renting, from up-under-you, for  $500,000-$600,000, I hope you will have a nice warm feeling in your heart knowing that you paid for all of that and neither you, your kids or your family ever got a penny of it. Should you Buy or rent a houses???? Keep being a nice person!!!! OR …. Buy your own home. If your rent is $900 or $1100 or $1500 or even $2000 a month then you should be calling me NOW at 647-892-5007 so we can discuss how to get you a house. That same monthly rent payment will pay for a mortgage. No Down payment? No problem, If you have a credit score over 650 and a stable income we can likely get you a ” zero down payment ” mortgage and put you in your own home. Did I mention that we can also get you a home that you can rent a part of it out for additional income, and have someone else pay for your vacation, car or home. As well as have some of the costs of the house ownership be written off as a tax deduction!


Why do you work so hard helping others get richer. Put some money back into your own pocket. Every payment you make on your mortgage goes towards paying down some interest and some principal of your loan. That means that a portion of your mortgage payment is right from the start building EQUITY that belongs to you which you can use however you see fit. In fact, it is well known that Canadians use home ownership as an effective way to save or even to retire with. Ever wanted to buy a business or start your own? The equity that you build in your home can one day be used as a down payment or towards the purchase/startup costs.

The number two benefit of owning a house versus renting

The obvious is the fact that it is YOUR OWN HOME. No one can tell you what colour to paint your walls, how late you can play music, what type of flowers you can plant! You are the owner of the roof over your head, and although that same roof sometimes can cost you in repairs, no one can tell what to do under it (as long as it’s legal and you pay your bills!)

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