Value of Real Estate Agent in Dollars

Value of real estate agent in dollars

(this valuation is referring to the example of a property for sale in Mississauga, in my article on common mistakes when buying a home)

If you are on the fence and thinking about a value of real estate agent representing you when you are buying a home have a look below at some numbers I put together for your review. As you can see there is a great value of real estate agent representing you and it is very much so in terms of dollars and sense.

In this case the value of the selling price savings alone was $35000

Value of getting prepared and not losing a deposit (average at 5%) $40,000

Value of moving costs due to not checking for schools, traffic, $2,000-$5,000

Loss of property value increases due to poor selection of neighbourhod 2% (5% vs. 3% increase per year). $15,000

Value of additional perks that seller was prepared to give up (new hardwood floor and a new fridge) $8,000


Perceived saving by the buyer by assuming they will save 1-2.5% on price due to, hoped for and rarely given, commission reduction.  $20,000

Assuming the commission was reduced, they still missed out on saving over $80,000. That is 10% of the price

Are you convinced. Contact me to represent you as a Buyer’s Real Estate Agent and I will tell you how I can save you money, time and stress.

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