How Much Is My House Worth

How much is my house worth?

Are you wondering, “How much is my house worth today”? If you are, STOP and pick up the phone and CALL ME or TEXT ME at 647-892-5007. I will answer your question within minutes. I will not just give you the Accurate current property value  but also how much your house will actually sell for. Most agents will tell you how much your house is worth but you find your self surprised when in the end it sells for much LESS that they told you. This is because they told you that your house is worth more, so that they could get you to list with them. After that they find excuses and make you drop your price until you finally sell. The price I give you will be the true estimate of what your price should actually sell for.

How much is my house worth – today?

If you live in GTA or surrounding area you may have experienced the over the last few years strong and steady growth of house values seen across much of Canada. Mississauga house values were no different. Generally, most people will compare the value of homes sold in the area and roughly estimate the value of their home based on that.


Most of the times you use the values of homes as a simple direct comparison for finding how much your house is worth today, you are missing out on some critical points that you need to address and include in valuation. In fact you could be over or under valuing you house price by as much as 30% or even 40%. How is this possible? That is precisely why there are jobs such as Appraisers and Real Estate Agents. These are professions that required specialized schooling in home appraisals and evaluations. It is very likely that you are not familiar with the techniques or gave the knowledge of accurately assessing the value of your home. If you woke up one morning and asked your self, “How much is my house worth”, and then called up a few neighbours and asked them how much they sold their homes for and then based your house price on their selling price, you should know that it is not that simple.

What we do.

When I respond to someones request for house valuation I too look up previous sales history in the neighbourhood. The difference is; that is just where I start. Out of 10 homes that sold in last few yeas on your street, I first need to adjust prices so that they all reflect current rates, adjust for the deficiencies or features, assign market values to deficiencies and features, lookup assessment values, check land registry for comparable, calculate a property value factor or PVF, use PVF to arrive to your current value and than convert to PVS or property value at sale (or what it will likely sell at). All this is then followed up by a visit to the subject property to see “HOW WELL DOES THE PROPERTY SHOW” and THAT is something you can ONLY learn through experience and having seen and sold many, many properties. This is when I finally adjust for the price and arrive to the DOM estimate (days on market) which will tell you roughly how long I expect your house to be on the market before it is sold. At the above is why when you wonder, “How much is my House worth”, is also when you should call me or another Experienced Real Estate Professional to help you sell your home. Yes, I know we charge to sell your home and it can cost you 5% commission but be honest to yourself and tell me if you can do the above homework yourself. If you can not you could be 10, 20, 30 or even 40% off on your home valuation and how much you list your home for and that will cost you much more than 5% commission.

What happens when you value house wrong?

Your home will sit in the market forever, if it is overpriced. You will get frustrated, with constant showings that never end, no offers, low-bak offers that will anger you and offend you, your listing will grow stale and in the end you will wish that you hired a professional. It is a well known fact that over 80% of all FOR SALE BY OWNER properties that are listed by brave owners who think they can do it themselves gets sold by a Real Estate Agent in the end. 80% of FSBO homes. That is 80% of people were wrong in thinking they could do what I had to go to school for, gain experience for etc. It is not that easy. But when it is done right it is rewarding to you.

If you underprice it you will sell for lot less than you could have. You will lose $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 or even more. Don’t do it alone. Don’t sit and wonder, “How much is my house worth”. Call a professional! IT IS WORTH THE MONEY you pay in the commission many times. Call me today and I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME – I PROMISE! 647-892-5007.

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