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Looking for a House for sale in Churchill Meadows in Mississauga?

Churchill Meadows Mississauga Neighbourhood Review Map
Churchill Meadows Mississauga Neighbourhood Review Map

Churchill Meadows Neighbourhood in Mississauga

For years Churchill Meadows has been one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Mississauga. Located between Britannia Road to north & Highway 403 to south, Winston Churchill Boulevard to East, Ninth Line to West.  With beautiful homes, mature tree lined streets, and wonderful amenities for the entire family, it is no wonder that this community continues to be one of the prime areas for Mississauga’s elite.

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Mississauga’s population has been on the rise, and shows no sign of slowing down, and Churchill Meadows is no different. Close to some of the best shopping in the city, Churchill Meadows was designed to have everything it’s residence need, right outside of the house. The community is filled with schools, shopping, and parks, and a renowned library.

Churchill Meadows neighbourhood is primarily made up of professionals. If you are looking for a house for sale in Churchill Meadows, in this community – it’s more house, for less lot. With modern styles and designs, this is an urban style neighbourhood, for people who want an urban lifestyle with very little yard maintenance.

Real Estate – Homes and Condos in Churchill Meadows

Since Churchill Meadows neighbourhood was first built, the prices have greatly increased. In last 6 months, almost 15-20%. Don’t expect any drop in the prices because Churchill Meadows is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods to live in Mississauga. The architecture is anything but cookie cutter, with each housing having it’s own unique features and look.

Being such an urban community, it makes total sense that many of the streets are lined with beautiful condominiums and town homes. I have sold many towns and condos in Churchill Meadows. Most popular are the stacked townhouses along Winston Churchill Road and along Thomas Rd. The average price tag on a condominium or town house for sale in Churchill Meadows is about $350,000 for condos and $425,000 and up for townhouses. If you are looking for a detached house for sale in Churchill Meadows, these houses can be bought from $750,000-$1,250,000. Luxury homes start at just under $1,100,000.

Again, with very little left to build on, these will keep going up in prices, so grab them while you can.

With modern designs, and unique architecture, these houses are located in a family oriented neighbourhood. While the houses are large, and up to date, they do have smaller lots, averaging at about 90 feet deep.  You will find  that a large number will have a covered front porch and 2 garages and 2 parking spaces in the front (very important since the neighbouring Milton is notorious for lack of parking spaces on the driveways)

Being a fairly new neighborhood, the luxury homes in Churchill Meadows are a lot newer than those in other neighbourhoods nearby. The houses are turn key, and absolute show stoppers. They have little lawn maintenance, and are built to impress anyone who enters.

Main features

– Beautiful parks throughout the community

– With this being a newer community, the homes are all new and modern,
turn key, with lots of sought after upgrades
– Just minutes away from the hospital, shopping, and restaurants and

– With it being a newer urban style subdivision, the houses all come at
a cost, and with a small lot.
– While a beautiful area, this community is busy, with people living in
very close proximity to one another.

– Churchill Meadows has schools achieving high marks in both the public and catholic boards.

– Schools in the community are also diverse in extra curricular
activities. With school spirit branching out into the community as well.
– You will not find any real negatives in terms out schools and the quality of education that the students of Churchill Meadows receive. In fact, both of the secondary schools are in the top 20% of Ontario.

–     Lots of parks can be found throughout the community
–     As the communities continues to grow, more and more amenities will
become available.
–    The community center is very family oriented making this a great
place to raise a family
– Unfortunately, the community has not built up fully yet, so without a
car, it can be difficult to get to where you want to go.
– Again, with the smaller lots there is no real feeling of privacy, with
all neighbours so close together.

 Final Thought

When considering a house for sale in Churchill Meadows, keep in mind that this is a neighbourhood that will always be in demand. With so much opportunity to live and work in the same place, this urban style suburb is only going to go up in value. The primary demographic are two income families, professionals, and business owners. This neighbourhood is designed to make life easier, by having everything you could want, including top rated schools, and parks right outside your front door. A great community to raise a family in, that is only going to continue to grow in demand.

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